CityHost Management Startup

5 Sep

CityHost Management Startup

Operations Executive - CityHost Management Startup

CityHost is an exciting startup who is searching for an ambitious individual to help run its operations.


Our mission is to build a global platform that optimises the ease and efficiency of sharing your home through short-term rental sites. We believe in the organic and authentic human connections built through this style of accommodation, it’s friendly, new, exciting and increasingly attractive for travellers of many kinds.

The thing we want to solve is that there are more and more hoops to jump through when it comes to short term rentals and for many, it’s not accessible. Through servicing homeowners with laundry, maintenance and communications with guests 24/7 we want to make the short-term rental industry a better place for sharing your home.

Our services include

  1. High quality cleaners who really understand the difference between residential cleaning and high-standard hospitality cleaning.
  2. Hotel quality linen services to provide fresh linen to our client’s homes when needed.
  3. Software to automate the processes of accessing our services and organising bookings.
  4. Intuitive back and front end software to interface these processes with a clever way of sorting out your home’s rentals.

Ways of working

Our main desire is to follow the lean start-up methodology which seeks to get our services into use quickly and efficiently whilst consolidating and bolstering as we go, from fast deployment cycles to rapid code reviewing. We want to validate our assumptions quickly and drive forward and steer at the right times and so far we’ve been bang on. We’re meritocratic and we believe in collective passion with the ability for individuals to stand out. There will always be opportunities to develop yourself as a professional at CityHost.


The Operations Executive role currently has a broad remit and is split between tasks like reservational management, hiring and coordination of new and existing staff like cleaners and other partner companies.

The Operations Executive is responsible for:

Reservations Management: You will help engaged with hosts and guests to turn enquiries into reservations.

  • Protect host income: You will assist in protecting host income through the resolution of issues pre and in stay
  • Operational delivery: You will plan cleaning and laundry services and ensure their quality.
  • Stakeholder Management: Assist in building relationships with partner companies.

If successful, your position in a company with enormous view to progression is safeguarded and you will be promoted.

The candidate will likely have:

  • A degree
  • 1 year of experience in management or operations, it may be full or part time or on placement.

Send CV and cover letter to