5 Sep

Has Airbnb banned in-person check-ins?

Airbnb’s ‘Business Travel Ready’ certification is now stricter in regards particularly to its check-in. The concept of it is that business travellers experience a no hassle check-in at the start of their stay and this is something we’ve always encouraged at CityHost. We’ve perfected it now and we agree with Airbnb about how critical it is to business for hosts and guests alike.

Firstly, getting hosts and guests to meet in person is not easy and delays or other issues with say, phone battery and signal can quickly make it a stressful situation. Once you’ve travelled for business you want to just get yourself sorted instead of worrying about how to check-in with your host. Business travellers want clear instructions and a 24/7 ability to check-in.

It’s very important to be ‘Business Travel Ready’, many bookings are yielded from those sort of listings which are now specifically classified and they’ve increased hugely in the last few years. Organic increases in Airbnb’s business use have propelled host’s earnings and Airbnb has now optimised their platform for these types of bookings so you best jump on board too.

The main criteria is to have a lockbox for key access and we install them for our clients using verified devices that are safe and strong. Alongside this, properties need dedicated laptop spaces, basic amenities and 24/7 support, all of which we can advise on and help provide. Business Travel Ready rooms fit in perfectly with our service’s ethos, we can ensure your house fits the bill and optimise it correctly to attract more use from business class users.